Our work with SPV

SPV Intranet

SPV Group are a UK based, privately owned, multi award winning Roofing and Cladding contractors.

We're currently working with SPV Group to provide them with an in-house intranet that handles everything from their user management, holiday assignment and booking systems, all the way to statistical business analysis.

MySPV homepage

From our talks with SPV, one of their main issues with the current intranet they were using, was how convoluted their current intranet was and how it had little to no support for mobile screens. The first thing we did was to make sure the admin team had access to everything they needed, fast. The original intranet was very outdated and incredibly slow. The new intranet reduced the load time from 6s to 50ms, meaning SPV could work far faster.

Mobile homepage Tablet rollout

As part of our rollout, we set up both a desktop and mobile homepage, both of which had different use cases. The admin team use the desktop site whilst surveyors and contractors use the mobile homepage in the field. We also helped them set-up thirty new Samsung tablets along side our drawing web application to aid their surveyors with drawing plans and producing smart solutions to their client's problems, allowing them to upload images directly into the new quote and reactive jobs system.

Holidays, timesheets And other management aspects

SPV wanted to move away from a more traditional paper timesheet system, so we've developed systems that allow them to allot their employees holiday each year, make deductions, set bank holidays and allow them to manage the hours their employees work. We've also allowed their employees to take training from the intranet, with the admin staff setting up quizzes and training for our built-in creation tool. Employees also have access to a file upload area, where they can store digital versions of accreditations like CSCS cards, performance reviews and review current and past jobs.

A small part of a huge system

Obviously the above is just a small part of a much larger set of systems that range from quotations, reactive jobs to the likes of stock assignment, employee of the month and lots of other things, if you'd like something similar or even want a demo of what we've done, dont hesitate to contact us today!